An arahant. In the time of Kassapa Buddha he belonged to a very rich family in Benares, and having heard the Buddha preach covered the Buddha's Gandhakuti eight times with the four kinds of fragrant stuff (catujātiyagandha). In this age he was born in Sāvatthi. While he was yet in his mother's womb the perfume of sandalwood spread from her body and on the day of his birth it filled the whole city; so it was also on the day of his ordination and on that of his death. He entered the Order on seeing the Buddha convert Sela and his followers (Ap.ii.508ff). He is probably identical with Subhūti Thera (ThagA.i.405). His legend seems to have become confused with that of Sugandha. See Ap.ii.459 and ThagA.i.80f.

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