A Thera who lived in Girigāmakanna. King Kutakanna(tissa), while staying in Uppalavāpi, once sent for him out of his great respect for him. The Thera came and resided in Mālārāmavihāra. Having discovered from the Elder's mother that Cūlasudhamma was fond of radishes (?kanda), the king prepared some and took them to the vihāra, but, while offering them to the Elder, he could not bring himself to look at his face. When leaving the vihāra, he asked his queen, "what did the Elder look like?" But she replied that if he, who was the Elder's follower (parisa), could not look at him, how could she do so? The king marvelled that the son of one of his subjects should have such power. VibhA.452.

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