An Elder of Ceylon. He once went to Jambudīpa, embarking at Mahātittha in a boat, in which he dwelt in seclusion. On the way across, while looking at the ocean, he developed āpokasina (Vsm.170).

Another thera of the same name is mentioned in the Commentaries and is described as a Samyuttabhānaka. It is said that because he dwelt in mettā poison had no effect on him (Vsm.313; AA.i.865). He probably lived in the time of the Brāhmanatissabhaya (q.v.). His colleagues were Isidatta and Mahāsona. During the time of the peril, he took leave of his colleagues and went to worship at the Mahāvihāra. He found it empty and started for the south, when the sprite of a neighbouring tree, assuming human form, looked after him and escorted him to a village near the Jajjaranadī, where he was supported by foresters (?pannakhādakamanussā) till the peril was past (VibhA.446). The Digha Commentary (DA.iii.883) mentions another Cūla-Sīva and calls him Tilokanagaravāsi (v.l. Lokuttaravāsī). He was evidently a well-known commentator.

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