An Elder of Ceylon (Tambapanni). Once, in a time of famine, seven hundred monks came to him early in the day. Realising that he could not get alms anywhere in Ceylon, he took them across to Pātaliputta by the power of his iddhi. Before he started the monks asked him the time, and when he told them they said, "But, Sir, Pātaliputta is far off!" "Friends, aged elders seize the distance and make it near." "Where is the ocean, Sir?" "Friends, that was the dark ditch you passed on the way!" "But, Sir, the ocean is large!" "Friends, aged elders make the great small." (Vsm.403). The Majjhima Commentary (ii.758) mentions a Gavilangana-vāsi Cūlasammuda who, when asked what he wished for, answered, "Lokuttara things only."

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