The Buddha realises that Rāhula is possessed of the qualities necessary to Deliverance and goes with him to Andhavana for the siesta. There the Buddha demonstrates, by means of question and answer, that all things are impermanent, and impresses on Rāhula the manner in which the disciples of the Ariyans should strive to be delivered from them. Rāhula takes the lesson to heart, and even as it is being delivered attains to arahantship. (M.iii.277f; this sutta is also found at S.iv.105ff, where it is called the Rāhula Sutta).

Many thousands of devas are present at the preaching of the sermon, and this sutta is therefore given as an illustration of the Buddha's great compassion (E.g., UdA.324; MA.i320; also Mil.20). Among the suttas specially preached to Rāhula, this one emphasises vipassanā (AA.ii.547). It may have been the incidents mentioned in this sutta that were illustrated in the relic-chamber of the Mahā Thūpa. See

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