Cundī.-A princess. She visited the Buddha at the Kalandakanivāpa in Veluvana, and he preached to her the Cundī Sutta (A.iii.35f). According to the Commentary (AA.ii.596), she was the daughter of Bimbisāra. The king gave her five hundred chariots for the use of herself and her companions. She was one of the three women who received this gift from their fathers, the others being Visākhā and the princess Sumanā. Cundī's brother was Cunda. Her name occurs in a list of eminent upāsikās. A.iv.347.

Cundī Sutta.-Cundī visits the Buddha and tells him that, according to her brother, Cunda, those who take refuge in the Buddha, the Dhamma and the Order and refrain from the taking of life, from theft, carnal lusts, lying and liquor, will be born in a happy condition after death. She wishes to know more of this. The Buddha explains to her that the Tathāgata is the best of beings, the Doctrine which leads to Nibbāna is the best of teachings, the Tathāgata's Order is the best field of merit, and of virtues, those beloved by Ariyans are the best. A.iii.35f.

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