The Bodhisatta was once born as the son of the king of Sudassana (Benares), under the name of Soma. Because he was fond of Soma juice and poured out libations of it, they called him Sutasoma. When he came of age his father gave up the throne to him, and he had sixteen thousand wives, of whom Candādevī was the chief consort. As time went on his family became very great, and he wished to become an ascetic as soon as a grey hair appeared on his head. Every-one in the palace tried to turn him from this resolve; rich merchants, like Kulavaddhana, offered him their immense wealth, but all in vain. Having handed over the kingdom to his brother, Somadatta, he donned the garb of an ascetic and left the city unknown to anyone. When his departure was discovered, all the inhabitants of the city left their belongings to follow him. Sakka sent Vissakamma to build for them a hermitage thirty leagues in extent. J.v.177-92.

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