The young son of wealthy parents of Rājagaha.

Having heard the Buddha preach at Veluvana, he wished to join the Order; but could only obtain his parents' consent by starving for seven days. He then went with the Buddha to Jetavana. On the festival day his parents made great lamentation and a slave girl offered to entice him back. She rode in a palanquin to Sāvatthi and took up residence in a street whither the Elder came for alms. She gradually made his acquaintance, and then, feigning illness, enticed him into her apartments. Then, having violated his chastity, she took him back to Rājagaha (J.i.156f).

The Buddha, hearing of this, preached the Vātamiga Jātaka, in which story Tissa is identified with the antelope. He is also referred to as Cullapindapātiya (J.i.159).

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