1. Cittarāja.-A Yakkha. It was the custom for ancient kings at the time of the Kattika Festival to deck themselves in great array and, standing on the bank of a lake "in the presence of Cittarāja," (meaning, probably, in front of his statue) to shoot arrows to the four quarters. J.ii.372.

2. Cittarāja.-A Yakkha whom Pandukābhaya honoured by giving him a settlement at the lower end of the Abhaya tank. On festival days the Yakkha occupied a seat beside the king. The Mahāvamsa (xi.4, 84, 87, 104) says that Citta-rāja was an incarnation of the herdsman Citta (7) who saved Panduka-bhaya's life, but it is more likely that the Cittarāja mentioned here is identical with Cittarāja (1), and that the festival refers to the Kattika festival.

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