A mountain in Himavā, one of the five ranges round Anotatta. It is composed of all kinds of precious metals (SNA.ii.437; AA.ii.759; UdA.300; Ap.i.50, 414; PsA.15; Vsm.650). It is famed as the abode of golden swans living in a golden cave (Kañcanaguhā) on the top of the mountain, sometimes as many as ninety thousand in number (E.g., J.ii.107; iii.208, 247; iv.424, etc). There also the Dhattarattha swans lived (J.v.337).

The name is sometimes (E.g., J.iv.212; v.338) spelt Citrakūta. It is generally identified with Kāmptanāthgiri in Bundelkhand, an isolated hill on the Paisunī or Mandākinī River. Law: Geog. of Early Bsm.40.

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