1. Citakapūjaka Thera.-An arahant. Ninety-one kappas ago a Pacceka Buddha, named Ananda, died in the forest and the Thera, who was then a deva, descended from the deva-world and burned the Pacceka Buddha's body on a pyre (Ap.i.227).

2. Citakapūjaka Thera.-An arahant. In the time of Sikhī Buddha he was a tree-sprite on a rājāyatana-tree. At the Buddha's death he made offerings of flowers and music and perfume at the Buddha's funeral pyre. Thirty-one kappas ago, he became king sixteen times, under the name of Uggata (Ap.i.151).

3. Citakapūjaka Thera.-An arahant. Ninety-four kappas ago, while wandering along the Candabhāgā River, he saw the Buddha's funeral pyre and made offering to it of seven māluvā-flowers. Seventy-seven kappas ago he became king seven times, under the name of Patijagga (Ap.i.237).

4. Citakapūjaka Thera.-An arahant. He offered sāla-flowers at the pyre of a Pacceka Buddha named Jalajuttama, one hundred thousand kappas ago (Ap.i.292f).

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