Once, when Mahā Kassapa was at Veluvana in Rājagaha, Ananda returned from a tour in the Dakkhināgiri, with thirty monks, mostly youths. They were ill-behaved, and Kassapa blamed Ananda for going about with them, calling him "corn-tramper," "despoiler of families," and, finally, "a boy." Ananda gently reminded him that being grey-haired he could hardly be called a boy, but Kassapa refused to listen. Thulla-Nandā, hearing of this, vented her displeasure on Kassapa by reminding him that he was once a heretical teacher. Kassapa there-upon remonstrated with Ananda, pointing out that he was a very devoted follower and pupil of the Buddha and relating how, on one occasion, the Buddha accepted from him the gift of his soft robe, giving him, in return, the Buddha's rag-robe. Well might he, he said, claim to be a real son of the Buddha. S.1217ff

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