1. Cara, Caraka.-One of the successors of Mahā Sammata and a member of the Sākya tribe. He had a son named Upacara.

Mhv.ii.2; Dpv.iii.5; DA.i.258; J.iii.454; SnA.i.352.

2. Cara.-A Yakkha chieftain to be invoked by followers of the Buddha in times of need. D.iii.205; the P.T.S. edition calls him Mānicara as does the P.T.S. edition of the commentary (D.iii.970); but the Sinhalese edition, both text and commentary, divides this name into two thus: Māni and Cara.

Cara Vagga.-The second chapter of the Catukka Nipāta of the Anguttara Nikāya. A.ii.13ff

Cara Sutta.-In every posture one must strive ardently and scrupulously against lustful, malevolent and injuring thoughts. A.ii.13; found also in Itivuttaka, 115.

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