1. Candapadumā.-The chief consort of the Setthi Mendaka of Bhaddiya, and mother of Dhanañjaya (DhA.i.385). She was, therefore, grandmother of Visākhā. She had been the wife of Mendaka in a previous birth and, during a time of famine, had joined him in giving the only meal they had between them to a Pacceka Buddha. As a result of this act, the rice-pot in her home never became empty, however many people she might feed. In previous existences she had entertained the monks of various Buddhas, taking a rice-pot in one band and a spoon in the other. Therefore, in her left hand was the sign of the lotus, covering the palm, and in her right the sign of the moon. Further, by reason of her having fetched and filtered water for the monks, on the sole of her left foot was marked a lotus and on the right a moon; hence her name, Candapadumā. When the Buddha visited Mendaka's house and, after the meal, preached to the household, Candapadumā became a sotāpanna (DhA.iii.363-86). She was one of the five persons of great merit (Mahāpuññā) (AA.i.219; PsA.509). The Visuddhimagga (ii.383) calls her Candapadumasirī.

2. Candapadumā.-Wife of Tirītavaccha and mother of Mahā Kaccāna (Ap.ii.465).

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