1. Candabhāgā.-A river in India. It was the third river crossed by Mahā Kappina and his wife on their way from their own country, in the north-west, to Sāvatthi (ThagA.i.508). The river was one league deep and one wide (DhA.ii.120) and eighteen leagues in length, with a rapid current (DA.iii.877, 878). On its bank was a large banyan-tree where the Buddha awaited Kappina's arrival (AA.i.177; SA.ii.179).

The Milinda (p.114) mentions it as one of the ten important rivers flowing from the Himālaya. The name is evidently old, as it occurs in several ancient legends (E.g., Ap.i.75; ThagA.i.390; ThigA.9, etc.).

The Candabhāgā is generally identified with the Chenab (the Akesines of the Greeks). But see Ps. of the Brethren 255, n.1.

2. Candabhāgā.-A canal constructed by Parakkamabāhu I., flowing through the centre of the Lakkhuyyāna. Cv.lxxix.48.

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