1. Cakkavatti Sutta (also called Pacetana Sutta). There was once a king called Pacetana who asked his wheelwright to make a pair of wheels for a battle which was to take place six months later. When but six days remained of this period, only one wheel had been made, but the other was finished within the stipulated time. Pacetana thought that both wheels were alike, but the wheelwright proved to him that the one he had made hurriedly was faulty in various ways, owing to the crookedness of its parts. The Buddha identified himself with the wheelwright and declared that one must be free from all crookedness in order not to fall away from the Dhamma and the Vinaya. A.i.109f.

2. Cakkavatti Sutta.-With the appearance of a Cakkavatti there appear seven treasures in the world; similarly, with the appearance of a Tathāgata there appear the seven treasures of wisdom - mindfulness, searching of the Dhamma, energy, zest, tranquillity, concentration, equanimity. S.v.99. It was also evidently called Ratana Sutta. See DA.i.250.

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