1. Cakkavāka Jātaka (No.434).-A greedy crow, dissatisfied with the fish from the Ganges, flew to the Himālaya and there, seeing two golden-coloured geese (cakkavāka), asked what they fed on that they should be so beautiful. The geese replied that not food but character made people comely; the crow was too greedy ever to be beautiful.

The story was told in reference to a greedy monk who went from house to house in search of dainty food, frequenting the dwellings of the rich. The monk is identified with the crow. J.iii.520-4; cf. Kāka Jātaka.

2. Cakkavāka Jātaka (No.451).-Similar to the above. The reason given for the colour of the crow was that his heart was full of fear and sin and that he had done evil in past lives. The greedy monk always went about looking for invitations. J.iv.70-2.

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