1. Buddharakkhita Thera. A monk of Ceylon, an eminent teacher of the Vinaya. Vin.v.3; Sp.i.62.

2. Buddharakkhita. A monk of Ceylon. He was once, with thirty thousand others, ministering to the Elder Mahārohanagutta of Therambatthala, when he saw the king of the Supannas dashing across the sky to seize the Nāga king who was offering rice gruel to the Elder. Buddharakkhita immediately created a mountain into which he made the Elder enter, thus saving the Nāga king. Vsm.154 f., 376.

3. Buddharakkhita. A monk of Ceylon to whom is sometimes ascribed the Jinālankāra. He is supposed to have lived about 426 B.C. on the west coast of Ceylon, at the head of a congregation of monks (P.L.C.18).

According to others, he is said to have written both the Jinālankāra and its Tīkā. E.g., Gv.72.

4. Buddharakkhita. See Mahā Buddharakkhita.

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