Preached at Jetavana. The Buddha tells the monks of his visit to Baka Brahmā, who holds the view that this world is eternal. The Buddha tells Baka that his view is false, whereupon Māra, having taken possession of one of the Brahmās, protests and urges the Buddha not to be recalcitrant. Baka himself agrees with the Buddha, who tells him of planes of existence of which Baka knows nothing. Baka then says that he will vanish from the Buddha's presence, but finds himself unable to do so. The Buddha then vanishes and repeats a stanza for the Brahmās to hear. Baka admits defeat, but Māra again enters into a Brahmā and asks the Buddha not to communicate his doctrine to others. The Buddha refuses to agree to this.

The sutta is so called because it was preached on account of Baka Brahmā's challenge (M.i.326ff). Cp. Bakabrahma Sutta.

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