1. Avijjā Vagga.-The thirteenth chapter of the Khandha Samyutta. S.iii.170-7.

2. Avijjā Vagga.-The sixth chapter of the Salāyatana Samyutta. S.iv.30-5.

3. Avijjā Vagga.-The first chapter of the Magga Samyutta. S.v.1-12.

1. Avijjā Sutta.-The ignorance of puthujjanas consists in not knowing the nature, the arising, the ceasing and the path thereto, of the five khandhas. S.iii.162.

2. Avijjā Sutta.-In him who knows and sees the eye, objects, etc., as impermanent, ignorance vanishes and knowledge arises. S.iv.30.

3. Avijjā Sutta.-When ignorance is abandoned, knowledge springs up. This state is reached by knowing, by seeing the eye, etc., as impermanent. S.iv.49-50.

4. Avijjā Sutta.-When it is realised that nothing should be adhered to, that all phenomena are changeable and become otherwise, ignorance disappears and knowledge arises. S.iv.50.

5. Avijjā Sutta.-The ninth sutta of the Sāmandaka Samyutta. S.iv.261-2.

6. Avijjā Sutta.-When ignorance leads the way, wrong views arise, wrong aims, etc.; the reverse happens with knowledge. S.v.1.

7. Avijjā Sutta.-Ignorance is ignorance about Ill, its arising, its ceasing and the way thereto. S.v.429.

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