A Licchavi girl.

Her father was a Nigantha who had come to Vesāli to hold discussions and had there met a Niganthī whom he married. Avavādakā had three sisters, Saccā, Lolā and Patācārā and one brother Saccaka. The children learnt from their parents one thousand theses for discussion, and on the death of the parents the sisters became Paribbājakas. In the course of their wanderings, whenever they entered a city, they would set up at the city-gate a jambu-twig, as a challenge to anyone who might wish to hold a philosophic discussion with them.

In Sāvatthi, Sāriputta accepted the challenge, and at the end of the discussion he converted them. They later became arahants. The story of their past is given in the Culla Kālinga Jātaka. J.iii.1ff.

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