1. Atula.-An upāsaka of Sāvatthi. He went with five hundred others to listen to Revata, who, however, being fond of solitude, would not preach to him. In anger he went to Sāriputta who, on hearing his grievances, discoursed at length on the Abhidhamma. Annoyed thereat he repaired to Ananda, to whom he told the story. Ananda preached them a very short sermon, and the upāsakas in despair sought the Buddha. The Buddha pointed out to them that they had been too hasty in their condemnation. At the end of the discourse Atula and his companions gained the First Fruit of the Path. DhA.iii.325-9.

2. Atula.-A nāga king. The Bodhisatta in the time of Sumana Buddha. He had music played before the Buddha and gave him a pair of robes. J.i.34; Bu.v.15f.; Mbv.10.

3. Atula.-A nāga king. The Bodhisatta in Vipassi Buddha's time. He offered the Buddha a golden seat embossed with jewels. J.i.41; Mbv.11; Bu.xx.10f.

4. Atula.-A celebrated physician of old, mentioned in a list with six others. Mil.272.

5. Atula.-Son of Sikhī, who later became Sikhī Buddha. His mother was Sabbakāmā. Bu.xxi.17; DA.ii.422.

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