1. Atimuttaka.-A cemetery near Benares, where robbers used to deposit their stolen goods. Two ascetics, Mandavya and Dīpāyana, lived there. J.iv.28f.

2. Atimuttaka.-A novice, nephew of Sankicca. On his way to his parents to obtain, at Sankicca's behest, permission for the higher ordination, he was attacked by thieves; he was set free on promising not to mention their whereabouts. Later, he saw his parents take the same road, but refrained from warning them on account of his promise. The thieves, marvelling at his integrity, wished to be ordained under him. He took them to Sankicca and later on to the Buddha. DhA.ii.252-3; SA.i.44-5; but see ThagA.ii.11f., where his encounter with the thieves is mentioned as having taken place after he became arahant. The rest of the story also is different.

In Atthadassi's time he was a rich householder and held great almsgivings for the monks after the Buddha's death (Ap.i.88).

He is mentioned as one who shone in the assembly of relatives (SA.i.45). His name is often spelt Adhimuttaka.

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