A monastery in Pātaliputta, built by Asoka and finished in three years. It was there that the king's brother Tissa was ordained. When the monks had refused for seven years to hold the uposatha ceremony, Asoka sent his minister to summon them to the Asokārāma. There the misguided minister beheaded several theras who refused to obey his orders. It was there that Moggaliputta Tissa held the Third Council and made a compilation of the Dhamma (Mhv.v.80, 163, 174, 236, 276).

Asoka used to feed 60,000 monks daily at the Asokārāma.

On the day of the foundation of the Mahā Thūpa in Anurādhapura, sixty thousand monks under Mittinna came from Asokārāma (Mhv.xxix.36). There, too, lived Dhammarakkhita, the teacher of Nāgasena (Mil.16-18).

Indagutta Thera was appointed by the king to superintend the building of the vihāra (Sp.i.48-9).

It was from Asokārāma that Mahinda set out on his mission to Ceylon (Sp.i.69).

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