Son of Mutasiva, and youngest brother of Devānampiyatissa. When the two Damilas, Sena and Guttaka, conquered Sūratissa and captured the throne, Asela defeated them and reigned in Anurādhapura for ten years (155-145 B.C.). (Mhv.xxi.11; Cv.lxxxii.20; Epy. Zeyl. iii., Introd., p.5, n.1). He was ultimately conquered by Elāra (Mhv.xxi.13).

Asela was one of nine brothers, the others being Abhaya, Devānampiyatissa, Uttiya, Mahāsīva, Mahānāga, Mattābhaya, Sūratissa and Kīra (MT. 425).

He built a cetiya in the Asokamālaka (MT. 358).

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