The Bodhisatta was born in Rājagaha and became known as Sankhasetthi, worth eighty crores. He had a friend, Piliyasetthi, in Benares, equally wealthy. Piliya having lost all his wealth, sought the assistance of Sankha, who gave him one-half of all his possessions. Later, Sankha, himself becoming bankrupt, went with his wife to Benares to seek help from Piliya; the latter, however, dismissed him with half a quarter of pollard. On the way back Sankha was recognised by an erstwhile servant of his whom he had given to Piliya. This servant befriended Sankha and his wife, and with the help of his companions, brought to the king's notice Piliya's ingratitude. The king, having tried the case, wished to give all Piliya's wealth to Sankha, but at the latter's request restored to him only what he had, in days of prosperity, given to Piliya.

The story is related in reference to Devadatta's ingratitude. J.i.465-9.

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