The celebrated almsgiving which Pasenadi, under the guidance and inspiration of Mallikā, held, in order to outdo his citizens in their generosity to the Buddha and the Order. The almsgiving was attended with unparalleled splendour, khattiya maidens fanning monks while elephants held white parasols over them and golden boats filled with perfumes and flowers were placed in the gay pavilion where the monks were fed.

Four gifts of priceless value were given to the Buddha, a white parasol, a couch whereon to rest, a stand and a footstool.

These gifts were never after equalled by those of anyone else, each Buddha receiving these gifts only once in his lifetime (DA.ii.653-4; DhA.iii.183-6).

The Aditta, the Dasabrāhmana and the Sivi Jātakas were all preached in reference to the Asadisadāna.

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