1. Asadisa.-The Bodhisatta born as the son of Brahmadatta, King of Benares. Brahmadatta was also the name of Asadisa's brother. When the father died, the kingdom was offered to Asadisa, but he refused it and handed it over to his brother. Finding that his presence in the city was causing anxiety to the latter, he left Benares and entered into the service of another king, as archer. He attained great fame by his wonderful feats of archery. Once he brought down a mango with the downward shot of an arrow, which, in its upward flight, reached the realm of the Cātummahārājikā, whence it was turned back by another arrow, which, having accomplished its purpose, rose to Tavatimsa.

Later, on hearing that seven kings had beleaguered his brother's kingdom, Asadisa shot an arrow, bearing a message, into the dish from which the kings were eating, and they all fled.

He soon afterwards became an ascetic and at his death was born in the Brahma world. J.ii.86-92.

2. Asadisa.-A brahmin village, the residence of Sunettā who gave milk rice to the Buddha Siddhattha. BuA.185.

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