There were four theras of this name in Burma, all famous for their Pāli scholarship. The first (Ariyālankāra of Ava) excelled in dhātupaccayavibhāga, i.e. was an accomplished grammarian (Sās.p.106-12). His pupil, Ariyālankara the younger, is credited with exegetical works on the Atthasālinī, the Sankhepavannanā, the Abhidhammatthavibhāvanī and the Vibhanga. He also wrote a Pāli tika called the Sāratthavikāsinī on the Kaccāyanabheda, and he made in Burmese what amounted to a revised edition of Kaccāyana's grammar (Sās.p.110-11; Bode, op. cit., 52-3).

The two others do not seem to have written any works which have been preserved.

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