1. Ariya.-A country and people in South India. Palandīpa was one of its divisions. It once had a king named Vīradeva who led an expedition against Jayabāhu I. of Ceylon (Cv.lxi.36f).

It was also the name of a dynasty, the Aryan dynasty of the Pāndya (Pandu) in South India. Cv.lxiii.15; see also Cv. trans. i.239, n.1.

2. Ariya.-A fisherman of a settlement near the north gate of Sāvatthi. The Buddha, seeing his upanissaya for sotāpatti, passed with the congregation of monks close by the spot where he was fishing and stopped not far from him. Then the Buddha proceeded to ask the monks their names, and noticing that the fisherman himself expected to be questioned, he asked him his. On learning that it was Ariya, the Buddha suggested to him that he was unworthy of the name, because a real Ariya never injured any living thing. At the end of the discourse the fisherman became a sotāpanna. DhA.iii.396-8.

3. Ariya.-A Pacceka Buddha mentioned in the list of the Isigili Sutta. M.iii.70; also ApA.i.107.

1. Ariya Sutta.-The seven bojjhangas, if cultivated, lead to the Ariyan qualities which conduce to salvation (ariyāniyyānikā). S.v.82.

2. Ariya Sutta.-The four satipatthānas, if cultivated, lead to the utter destruction of ill. S.v.166.

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