A mountain in Ceylon half-way between Anurādhapura and Pulatthipuva. It is identified with modern Ritigala, and is near the modern Habarane in the North-Central Province (Mhv.trans.72, n.3). Pandukābhaya lived there for seven years, awaiting an opportunity to make war on his uncles, and it was near there that he ultimately defeated them (Mhv.x.63-72). At the foot of the mountain, Sūratissa built the Makulaka Vihāra (Mhv.xxi.6). Lañjatissa built a vihāra on the mountain and called it Arittha Vihāra (Mhv.xxxiii.27).

Jetthatissa occupied the mountain before his fight with Aggabodhi III., and it was there that he organised his forces (Cv.xliv.86).

Sena I. built a monastery on the mountain for the use of the Pamsukulikas and endowed it with large revenues (Cv.l.63).

At the present day the place is extremely rich in ruins. See Hocart: Memoirs of the Arch. Survey of Ceylon i.44.

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