A Nāga king, who lived in the Aravāladaha in Kasmīra-Gandhāra.

He had been in the habit of destroying the crops of the people by causing hail-storms. When Majjhantika Thera was sent by Moggaliputtatissa's Council to convert Kasmīra-Gandhāra, the Thera went to Aravāladaha and standing in the air above it showed himself to the Nāgas. Hearing of this the nāga king came out and tried to frighten the Elder with various terrors. When all his attempts had failed he acknowledged defeat and the Thera preached to him. He and his 84,000 followers were established in the Refuge and the Five Precepts (v.l. āravāla). Sp.i.65; Mhv.xii.9-20.

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