1. Arañña Sutta.-Spoken before the Buddha by a forest-dwelling spirit who had been impressed by the, simple life of the brethren in the woods. The Buddha tells him the reason for their serenity and their beauty of complexion (S.i.5).

2. Arañña Sutta.-On the kind of monk who should seek the forest. A.ii.252.

3. Arañña Sutta.-On the advantages of developing ānāpānasati. A.iii.121.

4. Arañña Sutta.-On the qualities a monk should have to benefit by living in forest hermitages. A.iii.135f.

1. Arañña Vagga.-The third section of the Tika Nipāta of the Jātakatthatha (J.ii.354ff).

2. Arañña Vagga.-The nineteenth section of the Pañcaka Nipāta of the Anguttara Nikāya. It consists of ten suttas, describing ten classes of men, each excelling in a special kind of asceticism, and in each class one is named as being the best among five who devote themselves to the same life, though from different motives. A.iii.219-21.

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