1. Aranemi.-A brahmin teacher of a past age, given in a list of six teachers, who were purohitas. A.iii.373. The others being Sunetta, Mūgapakkha, Kuddālaka, Hatthipāla and Jotipāla. In A.iv.135f a seventh name is added, Araka ; see also Divy, 632.

They practised ahimsā and, abstaining from flesh, got rid of their lusts. As a result, they were born in the Brahmaloka. They had many disciples.

2. Aranemi.-Tibetan sources mention a king, Aranemi Brahmadatta of Sāvatthi, who was father of Pasenadi. He was exiled from his kingdom and lived in Campā (Rockhill, pp.16, 70). But see Mahākosala.

3. Aranemi.-See Anoma (5).

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