A sub-sect of the Andhakā. Their beliefs seem to have been similar to those of the Pubbaseliyā. KvuA. quoted in Points of Controversy, pp. 5 and 104. See also Dpv.v.54; Mhv.v.12; Mbv.97. For their beliefs see de la Vallee Poussin: J.R.A.S., April, 1910, pp.413ff.

Their centre was Dhanakataka, in the Andhaka country, somewhere near Kañcipura and Amarāvati on the S.E. coast of India (Points of Controversy, xliii; see also Watters: On Yuan Chwang, ii.214ff).

According to one tradition they were connected with the Cetiyavādins. For a discussion of this see Points of Controversy, xliii-iv.

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