1. Aparājita.-One of the Pacceka Buddhas mentioned in the Isigili Sutta. M.iii.70; also ApA.i.107 and MA.ii.890.

2. Aparājita.-A cakkavatti who lived seven kappas ago, an earlier birth of Avyādhika Thera. Ap.i.215.

3. Aparājita.-A householder of Bandhumatī. When his elder brother, Sena, left the world and became an arahant under Vipassī Buddha, Aparājita sought his advice as to how he could use his wealth to perform some act of great merit. He was asked to build a Gandhakuti for the Buddha, which he did, using all manner of precious metals and stones and surrounding it with various kinds of luxury, such as perfumed water. The chamber was on three occasions filled knee-deep with jewels to be taken by anyone who came to hear the Buddha preach. At the opening of the Gandhakuti, Aparājita entertained 6,800,000 monks for nine months. In this age he was born as the banker Jotika. In an earlier birth he had given sugar-cane to a Pacceka Buddha. DhA.iv.199-207.

4. Aparājita.-Nephew of the foregoing. He asked his uncle to let him have a share in the building of the Gandhakuti, but was refused. So he built an elephant stable next to it.

In the present age he was the banker Mendaka. DhA.iv.203.

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