1. Anurādha.-An Elder. Once when he was staying in a forest hut in the Mahāvana in Vesāli, near to where the Buddha was, certain wandering ascetics came to him and asked him whether or not a Tathāgata exists after death; dissatisfied with his answer they called him "fool" and went away. Thereupon Anurādha sought advice from the Buddha, who asked him "How, inasmuch as it cannot be said of a Tathāgata even in this very life that he really exists, can anything be said regarding him after death?"

S.iii.116-19; the same story is repeated, with slight expansions, in S.iv.380-6.

2. Anurādha.-One of those that accompanied Vijaya to Ceylon. He later became one of his ministers and founded Anurādhagāma. Mhv.vii.43.

3. Anurādha.-A Sākiya prince, brother of Bhaddakaccāna; a great uncle of Pandukabhaya. He founded a settlement at Anurādhagāma and constructed a tank, to the south of which he erected a house for himself. Later he handed this over to Pandukābhaya. Mhv.vii.43-4.

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