1. Anoma.-Birth-city of Vessabhū (see Anopama).

2. Anoma.-A mountain near Himavā. Ap.ii.345.

3. Anoma.-A pleasaunce in Khema where Tissa Buddha was born. BuA.188.

4. Anoma.-An ascetic of great power, who lived in the time of Piyadassī Buddha. He gave a jewelled chain to the Buddha and offered him a meal of fruit. In the present age he became Hemaka Thera. Ap.ii.351-4.

5. Anoma.-A king of Jambudīpa, fifty kappas ago; a previous birth of Bakkula Thera. Ap.i.329. v.l. Aranemi.

6. Anoma.-A township in the time of Sumana Buddha; the residence of Anupamā, who offered the Buddha a meal of milk-rice. BuA.125.

7. Anoma.-One of the two chief disciples of Anomadassī Buddha. J.i.36; BuA.145; DhA.i.88ff. The Bu (viii.22) calls him Asoka.

He preached to Sarada-tāpasa on the occasion when the latter made up his mind to become an aggasāvaka himself.

8. Anoma.-The personal attendant of Sobhita Buddha. J.i.35; BuA.140; The Bu. (vii. 21) calls him Anuma.

9. Anoma.-An ājīvaka who gave grass to Anomadassī for his seat. BuA.142.

10. Anoma.-The city in whose park Atthadassī preached his first sermon. Bu.xv.18.

11. Anoma.-The birth-city of Piyadassī Buddha, and capital of King Sudinna. J.i.39. According to the Bu. (xiv. 15) it was called Sudhañña.

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