Son of a rājā in Vesāli, in the Vajjian territory. At that time Vesāli was faced by the threefold terror of drought, disease and demons. The Buddha quelled the panic by preaching the Ratana Sutta. In the great concourse of listeners was the rājā's son who thereupon left the world. He dwelt in the Añjana-vana, and in the rainy season, having procured an old couch, he put it on four stones and covered it all round with grass, leaving an open space to serve as door; there he spent his time meditating till he became an arahant (Thag.v.55; ThagA.i.127f).

In a previous birth he was a garland-maker, named Sudassana, and gave flowers to Padumuttara Buddha. He was sixteen times born as a king, named Devuttara.

He is evidently identical with Mutthipupphiya of the Apadāna (i.142).

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