The fifteenth section of the Samyutta Nikāya.


It contains a collection of sayings on the incalculable beginning of Samsara (S.ii.178ff).


After the Third Council, the Thera Rakkhita, who went to Vanavāsa, preached the Anamatagga Samyutta there and converted 60,000 persons (Mhv.xii.32f).


On the fourth day of Mahinda's visit to Ceylon he preached this Samyutta in the Nandanavana in Anurādhapura (Mhv.xv.186; Sp.i.81; Mbv.114).


The Pātheyyaka monks became arahants after listening to the Buddha preaching the Anamataggāni. DhA.ii.32.

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