1. Anabhirati Jātaka (No. 65).-Women cannot be regarded as private property. They are common to all; they extend universal hospitality.

The Bodhisatta was once a famous teacher of Benares. A pupil of his, finding his wife unfaithful, was so affected by the discovery that he kept away from classes. When asked why, he told his teacher the whole story; the latter consoled him by telling him that all women were unfaithful.

The story was told to an upāsaka who came to visit the Buddha. Once, on discovering his wife's faithlessness, he had words with her and kept away from the vihāra. J.i.301-2; see also DhA.iii.348ff., where the details given are slightly different.

2. Anabhirati Jātaka (No. 185).-Told to a young brahmin of Sāvatthi who knew the three Vedas by heart. When he married his mind became darkened. He visited the Buddha, who talked to him pleasantly and discovered in the course of conversation that his memory had grown weak. The same thing had happened to him in the past, said the Buddha. Serenity of mind is essential for good memory. J.ii.99-101.

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