1. Anāthapindika Sutta.-Similar to the Anāthapindikovāda Sutta (infra), but the greater part of this discourse is taken up with the words of consolation, courage and suggestion addressed by Sāriputta to the banker, and we are told that his pains were allayed. No mention is made of the advice not to cling to matters mundane, nor of the death of the banker almost immediately afterwards. Instead, it is stated that Sāriputta and Ananda were given a meal from the banker's own cooking-pot and that they went away after thanking him. Ananda reports to the Buddha the news of their visit, and the Buddha praises Sāriputta for his wisdom. S.v.380-5.


2. Anāthapindika Sutta.-The same as the above, but Ananda is given as the admonisher and Anāthapindika is made to claim that he had not violated a single one of the obligations binding on a householder (gihisāmīcakāni sikkhāpadāni). S.v.385-7.


3. Anāthapindika Sutta.-Records a visit paid by Anāthapindika to the Buddha, who tells him of the five kinds of guilty dread (pañca-bhayāni verāni) which are allayed in the Ariyan disciple, and of the four limbs of the Stream-winner (sotāpattiyangāni). S.v.387-9.


Anāthapindika Vagga.-The second chapter of the Devaputta Samyutta of the Samyutta Nikāya contains a series of verses spoken before the Buddha on various occasions by devas, the last of them being Anāthapindika (reborn in the deva world). S.i.51ff.

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