1. Amitā.-One of the two chief women disciples of Padumuttara Buddha (Bu.xi.25; J.i.37; SA.ii.68; DA.ii.489).

2. Amitā.-One of the two daughters of Sīhahanu (the other being Pamitā) and therefore a sister of Suddhodana, the Buddha's father.

She married Suppabuddha the Sākiyan and had two children, Bhaddakaccānā and Devadatta.

She was a grand-daughter of Devadaha-Sakka (Mhv.ii.16-22; see Rockhill, p.13, where her son is called Kalyānavardhana).

She is the paternal aunt of the Buddha, referred to as being the mother of Tissa Thera (v.l. Amatā). ThagA.i.105; MA.i.289.

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