A district in Ceylon near the modern Kurunegala, fifty-five miles from Anurādhapura. When Dutthagāmani planned to build the Mahā Thūpa silver appeared near a cave in this district by the power of the devas and was discovered by a merchant who reported the find to the king; the king himself came to gather the silver for the thūpa (Mhv.xxviii.20-35; MT.512).

Later, Amandagāmani Abhaya built the Rajatalena Vihāra here (Mhv.xxxv.4, 5). It was in this district, in the neighbourhood of the Kuthāri Vihāra, that Moggallāna defeated his brother the parricide Kassapa I. (Cv.xxxix.21ff)

According to the Mahāvamsa Tīkā it was in Ambatthakola that King Mahācūlī Mahātissa worked in Sonnagiri in a sugar mill to earn money for an alms-giving (MT.624; Mhv.xxxiv.4f ) (v.l. Ambatthakolalena).

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