1. Ambagāma.-A village in Ceylon near Pulatthipura identified with the modern Ambagamuva. A battle was fought there between the forces of Gajabāhu and Parakkamabāhu I. (Cv.lxx.321) Parakkamabāhu II. built a bridge, thirty-four cubits in length, over the Khajjotanadī at Ambagāma. Ibid., lxxxvi.23.

2. Ambagāma.-One of the villages near Vesāli visited by the Buddha on his last tour (D.ii.123). It was between Bhandagāma and Bhoganagara, on the road from Vesāli to Kusināra. This was evidently the road which led from Vesāli northwards to the Malla Country, for other villages in the vicinity of Ambagāma were Hatthigāma and Jambugāma.

It is noteworthy that Anupiya, although in the Malla country, is not mentioned in the list of these villages. Thomas (Op. cit., 148, n.1) thinks that this is because the route to Kusināra passed to the east of Anupiya.

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