The story of a wicked ascetic who built for himself a hut in a mango orchard on the river bank near Benares and ate the ripe mangoes as they fell. In order to frighten him Sakka made the orchard appear as if it had been plundered by thieves. The ascetic, coming back from his begging-round and seeing what had happened, charged the four daughters of a merchant who had just entered the garden with having stolen the mangoes. They denied the charge and swore dreadful oaths to support their statement. Thereupon he let them go.

The story was told about an Elder who had entered the Order in his old age and who, instead of practising his duties, looked after mangoes. Thieves stole his mangoes, and he charged with the theft the four daughters of a rich merchant who happened to visit the park. They swore oaths to prove that they were not guilty and were released. J.iii.137-9.

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