1. Amaravatī.-Also called Amara. A city in the time of Dipankara Buddha. Sumedha was born there in a very rich family and renounced the world after having given his wealth away (Bu.ii.5; J.i.6; DhA.i.83, etc.). According to the Mahābodhivamsa (p.2) the city was so called because it was inhabited by men like gods.

2. Amaravatī.-A city in the time of Kondañña Buddha eighteen leagues in extent. It was in the Devavanā, near the city, that Kondañña preached his first sermon (v.l. Arundhavatī). BuA.108-9.

3. Amaravatī.-The city of Sakka, king of the gods. Sp.i.49; Cv.lxxx.5; it is described in the Mahābhārata iii.1714ff.; see also Hopkins, Epic Mythology, 140f.

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