The Bodhisatta, born as son of Jayaddisa, King of Uttarapañcāla in Kampilla.

When the boy grew up, fully instructed in all the arts, his father made him Viceroy. Later, Jayaddisa's life having become forfeit to the man-eating ogre (porisāda), Alīnasattu volunteered to offer himself in his father's place. The ogre, impressed by the prince's fearlessness and by the readiness with which he carried out his offer, refused to eat him and absolved him from his undertaking.

Alīnasattu preached to him the five moral laws and, having discovered that the ogre was really a human being, offered him the throne, which, however, the latter would not accept (J.v.22ff).

In lists of births in which the Bodhisatta is mentioned as having practised sīlapāramitā, the Alīnasattu Jātaka is mentioned (E.g., J.i.45) (Adīnasattu, Alīnasatta, ālīnasatta).

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