An eminent prince of Ceylon in the time of Vikkamabāhu IV. He was of the Giri family and lived in Peraddonī (modern Perādeniya). The Cūlavamsa does not recount much of him, save that he was full of virtue and piety and that he did many good deeds, such as the advancement of the Order; also that he was the founder of Jayavaddhanakotta, which soon after became the capital of Ceylon (Cv.xci.3-9). The Sinhalese chronicles, however (See Cv.Trs.ii.212, n.4), tell us a good deal about him, the most important fact being that he succeeded in breaking the power of the Jaffna king which was then at its height. Formerly it was believed that Alagakkonāra later became king under the name of Bhuvanekabāhu V., but now that opinion has been given up. Ibid., 213, n.4, and the references given there.

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