A brahmin of Rājagaha who - incensed that his eldest brother, a member of the Bhāradvāja clan and, probably its head, (KS.i.201, n. 4; see also Dhānañjānī) had been converted by the Buddha - visits the Buddha and insults him.

Later he is himself converted and becomes an arahant (S.i.161f.; MA.i.808).

The soubriquet of Akkosaka was given him by the Sangītikārā to distinguish him as the author of a lampoon of 500 verses against the Buddha (SA.i.177).

Asurindaka-Bhāradvāja was his younger brother (SA.i.178); he had two others, Sundarī Bhāradvāja and Bilangika-Bhāradvāja, who also became converts and, later, arahants. DhA.iv.163.

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